Belt Level Patterns

Different Belt Levels of Choi Kwang DoBelt level patterns as we know them, also known as Poomsae, kata or forms in other martial arts is a sequence of movements done in the air, be it a block, strike or kick done in a pre-set pattern, Choi Kwang Do differs from many martial arts in that the training is progressive, a new student may not be able to follow a long sequence of movements and may not understand how they can utilize what they learn so we start with something very basic which is purely a block and punch, although to most it looks very simple we are installing the very foundations of Choi Kwang Do from the ground up, from the concept of correct foot positioning, body posture, how to block a punch and to program the brain to hit back. this is just the beginning, as the student progresses up through ranks we build upon what they have already learned adding in extra techniques and new combinations that will become instinctive for them to use.


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Martial Arts Club for all ages and abilities Established in 1996, Norwich Choi Kwang Do is a non-profit club dedicated to serving the community within the NELM area with affordable Martial Arts tuition for adults and heavily subsidised tuition for the children.

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