Georgina TuveyResiding in what is considered to be the heart of East Anglia, Norwich CKD has been serving the community on the west side of Norwich since 1996.

Norwich Choi Kwang Do was first introduced to the North Earlham area by Mrs Georgina Tuvey who at the time was headmistress of Ranworth First School (now known as Henderson Green Primary). Realising that the Martial Art of Choi Kwang Do was more than just a form of Self defence it could help children to learn Mrs Tuvey started by running an After School Club which was a free club for children of that school, realizing the potential to help students focus, build confidence, learn self-control and gain self-worth in a time of extreme hardship in what was considered to be an area of high deprivation. The club had a knock-on effect with the children’s parents coming to watch and support their children.

In 1998 Mrs Tuvey retired as Headmistress for Ranworth First School but continued to be a role model and inspiration to many as a Third Degree Chief Instructor for Norwich CKD, dedicated to keeping the costs to a minimum for the children via funding firstly from the millennium fund and then from the NELM fund until sadly in 2006 she passed away.

Eric Tuvey

Norwich Choi Kwang Do has continued to run under the supervision of Mrs Tuvey’s son Mr Eric Tuvey who is dedicated to maintaining the club as family-friendly whilst keeping it running in the way in which his mum would have wished, Maintaining a presence in the Earlham area Keeping the costs down so that families on low income have access to affordable tuition locally to enable them to improve their focus, self-esteem, confidence and self-control.

under the direction of Mr Tuvey, the club has flourished and continued to grow and now boasts a large team of instructors with a cumulative Martial Arts experience in excess of over 50 years.

Choi Kwang Do is an evolving Martial Art and we are evolving with it, at Norwich CKD we are always there to adapt to new methods and teachings as set by our Founder Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi and pass that knowledge down to our students allowing everyone to grow in what

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Martial Arts Club for all ages and abilities Established in 1996, Norwich Choi Kwang Do is a non-profit club dedicated to serving the community within the NELM area with affordable Martial Arts tuition for adults and heavily subsidised tuition for the children.

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